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8-24-16 I vist a Starbucks in Downtown Cleveland Ohio The Hanna buliding. The store manager was so rude and she made a rasict comment to me that I'll never forget.

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Well as of today 08/22/16 myself and two others have decided to quit Starbucks. Now drink is $5.25 each. OMG! Ridiculous and *** to pay that much every day x 2 a day. $10.50 a day x 30 days OMG!! And they keep raising the prices. For all the other *** people that do this...rock on. They just lost me!

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Starbucks - I Am Never Going Back To This Location Ever Again!
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My day could be going much better, thank you, except due to the Fact that I went to visit your 257 South La Cienega Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California 90211 (310) 659-9562 location and Received Very Abusive And Poor Service! It started off so so and then got Worse! Back on Wednesday, August 17, 2016 at approximately 6:30 P.M. I was a Legitimate, Paying Customer and bought at least Two (2) Products from that particular location. While I was... Read more

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8-7-16 The Starbucks @ 2300 S Brentwood Blvd. (Brentwood, MO) has a young white female Manager who is aggressive and completely unprofessional towards african american female customers. There was loud heckling and continuous accusations for at least an hour on Sunday. Whenever racism and unprofessionalism is reported to the Seattle office, the behavior escalates. She behaves like a unbalanced 10yr old girl, saying whatever possible to incite... Read more

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My daughter and I went into Starbucks today to get drinks. My seven year old daughter had to go to the restroom. She went in to the restroom and the next thing I know a man walked out of the stall right next to my daughter!!!!!!!!!!! What the ***!!!!!!!!!!! Sonce when does a man go into a womens restroom, when they clearly have a mens restroom!!!!!!!!!! This opens my daughter and everybody elses daughter for problems!!!!!!!! What the... Read more

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Good Morning: The Gold Street location in Brooklyn is constantly running out of food, especially when it comes to breakfast food. This is unacceptable and I think if they do not have the item available from the beginning or they are sold out of a particular food item, then they should not advertise it on the display counter. Today was the worse I have seen it. I pretty much asked for four different pastries, the pumpkin loaf, coffee cake,... Read more

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I've had several bad experiences lately but here's my latest. All seem to be coming from the new location at 66th street and Amsterdam in Manhattan. Maybe they just aren't experienced. I always order same drink all over Manhattan. Tall iced coffee in a grande cup, fill the extra space with coconut milk. Well this particular barista handed me a tall cup, so I said sorry, I wanted this in a grande cup. He dumps the coffee into a grande cup and... Read more

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Good Morning. I have a serious complaint with one of the Stars buck location on 110 Pearl Street, Every other day or so; I will placed an order with this location; however; every order it becomes a jokes matter and ; I am fed up. The orders will be placed with the cashiers; and given my name as IS- Well_ Starsbucks staff enters * ISIS* . I am very alarmed with this behavioral; evening when I addressed the problem with the manager; she will... Read more

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I had a disheartening experience at the Groton, CT location in Super Stop and Shop. I asked for no ice in my grande iced tea and ice on the side. The cashier forgot to tell the barrister so he gave me I've. She apologized, and he made another. My drink was about four inches Lowe from the top of the cup and looked so slight. I didn't have time to argue since it was taking so long. When I got into my car, I added the cup of ice into the drink and... Read more

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Star"bucks" is all about the "bucks" and nothing more. One of the most fundamental rules and principles regarding sales is that you NEVER TAKE BACK on what is given to a loyal customer following. Rewarding the form of stars (every 12 visits=a free drink) now requires THREE month's of daily visits and purchasing so much more to get a single "star." I'm investing SO much more now with NO reward in sight! And I began (daily) when they... Read more

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