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I'm a coffee drinker. For years, I purchase regular coffee at several locations of Starbucks all around California.

Lately, I've been so disgusted with the sanitary practices of some of their employees that I've ended my years of purchasing their goods and thrown away my Starbucks cards. All four of these incidents happened between Berkeley, Ca and Richmond, Ca. l. Employee put away vacuum and a garbage pail, then greeted me.

Just before she started my order I had to ask her to wash her hands . 2. Employee waited on co worker before he waited on me, then proceeded to apply chap stick before waiting on me. 3.

Employee ran her fingers through her hair 13 times before waiting on me. As I was about to order I regurgitated; I left without anything. 4. The icing on the cake!!

An employee ripped open the bag of a customer's food item (to be put in the microwave oven) WITH HER TEETH. Really??? BYE BYE STARBUCKS. You can't send me enough gift cards and "form letters" saying how sorry you are about my experiences.

One of the customer service reps sent me a standard form letter again, but this little punk actually added a PS to the reply to inform me how to spell Yuk.

He actually added his own personal touch by stating "PS It's Yuck." So I wrote back PS This is how you spell *** YOU. I'm done ranting and I'm getting great coffee elsewhere, thank you very much!

Review about: Starbucks Coffee.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Don't send me any more gift cards. Clean up your act and train employee and health code issues..

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did you really?

regurgitated; bring (swallowed food) up again to the mouth

to Anonymous Oakland, California, United States #1342287

yes, do you have a problem with that . if so, don't read, and don't tell me how I felt, you *** MF.

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