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To ALL and any Managers/District Managers/District Managers of Starbucks and Employees My name is Cynthia I was in SB in the Target on Barranca 3750 Barranca Pkwy Irvine, CA 92606 on the 7th of Feb, since then I attempted to reach the Manager for Starbucks that run that location no phone call back, I then contacted Customer Care and left message thru them FOR the district Manager and or Reginal and also contacted Corporate offices regarding this experience occurred, and left message for Kevin Johnson of Corporate offices, I was transferred to the supposed District Manager by the name of Nikki, and also given her contact number with no call back, and also no answer. I find it SUPER interesting that I can’t even get follow up from the Store Management and or Reginal this is not representative of what I think Starbucks is all about.

So, let me tell you WHY I took my time to TRY to reach someone to acknowledge a young gentleman at the SB location on the 7th, by the name of Evan he for one was working completely alone taking orders and making the orders solely by himself one by one, he was calm cool and much to admire along with the rest of the guest waiting patiently in line, when I approached the line there were five (5) in front of me, when completed there were additional 10. When I got to the point to order my item I first complemented him for his demeanor and his professional Customer Service given with consistent behavior with each guest, he thanked me and said “I am new” thank you, then I said DOUBLE WOW! If Howard Schwartz or Kevin Johnson would see this they would be MORE than proud and how he Represented Starbucks was extraordinary an unwavering, and I have been to MANY Starbucks and at least two (2) Baristas are working and someone taking orders for that size of kiosk. I took the time and will continue to reach out until I get thru someone who would appreciate the fact that I am reaching out NOT TO COMPLAIN but to COMPLIMENT and extrodinary very young Starbuck Employee Evan.

MANY could learn a thing or two from Evan, not that I think he should have been the only one working and working EVERYTHING but he had more composure then I would, or what most would have, NO QUESTION.

Thank you, Cynthia Garcia 949.381.7197 cc: K. Johnson/HS Corporate Offices Seattle

Product or Service Mentioned: Starbucks Customer Care.

Reason of review: EVAN is Amazing .

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Starbucks located inside grocery stores and other retail stores are licensed stores, meaning they do not work for the corporate company. In this case, the baristas probably work for Target.

I can tell you from experience that licensed stores running a one-man floor are entirely common, as they are not given much labor to schedule.

However, if you'd like to commend their service, your best bet is probably to tell the store manager to pass on. There are district licensed store managers who work for Starbucks and the respective company alike, but they are very hard to reach, as their districts usually span across a wider area than a corporate district would.

to Anonymous #1292683

That's not true. If you apply to one you have to apply to Starbucks even if you walk into Target and say you want to work in their store.

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