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This complaint is for barista name Marissa and Ryan the store manager at Starbucks store located 14061 Jeffrey road, Irvine, CA CHK 706566 at 6:10pm on 1-3-2018 Marissa is the most worse and rude Starbucks employee I ever met ! I been drinking Starbucks double shot tall in the grande cup every single day for over 5 years.

The reason I order tall in the grande cup cause it too strong for me and I need a room for my coffee cup to fill up a little more milk to delute the strong taste of my coffee. I have visit the Starbucks locations all over the country but never have one of Starbucks employees charged me extra 60 cents when I asked for milk pitcher which is normally Starbucks always provide milk pitcher and Half&Half at the self serve counter for customers to fill in their coffee. But this was only the location and only the person that refuse to give me a pitcher of milk for the reason that I came in the evening. She said if I want milk in my drink she will charge me an extra 60 cents which is for her labor of pouring the milk for me.

Then I asked her if she can give me a milk pitcher that Starbucks always put it at the self serve counter for customers to use cause there was only a half&half pitcher at the self serve counter at that time but she said NO she refuse to hand me the milk pitcher and she said I have to use whatever they put at the counter right now, so then I asked her what the different when customer come in in the morning and customers come in in the evening? Starbucks suppose to treat morning and evening customers differently? That mean Starbucks only offer milk for morning customer but evening customers have to pay extra? This policies is not make any sense at all.

When I went to any Starbucks locations in the morning or even in the evening I always asked for a milk pitcher if there wasn't one at the self serve counter and I never had any issue with it. This was only the person and the location that treated me differently. Her name is(Marissa) and she also refuse to answer my questions when I asked her what the reason that Starbucks offer a milk pitcher at the self serve counter in the morning for morning customers but refuse to give a milk pitcher to customers who come in in the evening and asked for extra 60 cents for her labor of poring milk to my coffee. She was claim that 60 cents it for her labor to pour the milk for me and if I want to fill up a milk to my coffee from the pitcher Starbucks provided at the self serve counter I will need to come in in the morning cause they will only put it there in the morning only!!!

Really????? She was refuse to explain to me and she requested that I need to ask her manager why I have to pay extra 60 cents for milk in my coffee but no charge if I come in in the morning and use the milk from the pitcher they provided at the counter. The manager name Ryan came and took her side without even asked me what happened. He was not tried to help or made customer happy but instead he was suddenly told me that No milk pitcher provide for an evening customers and he has to charge extra 60 cents cause milk pitcher will not provided if I come in the evening.

I just feel that customers deserve to be treat the same way no matter they come in the morning or in the evening.

Specially the milk that I asked for were not a special kind of milk like coconut milk or almond milk, it just a non fat milk which is Starbucks always have them at the self serve counter which is customers can fill in theire coffee if they wanted to. If you guys want to provide milk pitcher just for the morning customers then you guys should have a sign saying that milk pitcher only serve for morning customers!!!

Review about: Starbucks Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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