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I have been a LOYAL customer for years. Attached are two mugs I took into my local store.

One cracked and the other mug's metal logo came off. I was asked if I had a receipt. Too which I replied it would be on my Starbucks card and secondly these are obviously Starbucks mugs. The manager said she could not do anything without a receipt and the store policy is not to replace faulty items.

Starbucks charges a high premium for their products and services. I only wanted to exchange them and was told no. I do not blame the store manager; I blame the company for not backing their products and having poor customer service return policies.

These mugs were not cheap. Shame on Starbucks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Starbucks Coffee.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Don't pissed because you didn't have the receipt. They don't know how long you've had those mugs and don't plan on losing money on inventory because you want to constantly change out your old mugs for new ones after you've put them through the ringer.

You sound like the kind of person who would pull the whole "Well they did it before!" *** and just keep getting new mugs without having to pay for them.

Here's a novel idea: Don't waste money on a "special" coffee mug when a regular one will suffice. It's a vessel not a fashion statement.


I had a beautiful Starbucks mug with snowflakes on it. It had a uneven bottom where the ceramic was bunched up.

Coffee stained the area and I couldn't clean it. I didn't want to drink out of a dirty mug, regardless of how lovely it was.

:-( This was not a old mug. It was new and purchased in that condition.

Torrance, California, United States #777957

The mugs are old and broken. They don't come with a lifetime replacement. Get a life


Maybe Starbucks is just into 'snob appeal' now, and really Not Real Value For Your Money. Their Customer Care certainly bears that out.

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