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7-10-18 pico rivera - just bought a newspaper, placed on counter, it was wet, I mentioned to mgr raul that the bathroom toilet bowls were very dirty = he ignored me - I kept asking if he heard me - he said stop or he's calling the cops - eric, the other employee (w/his back to me) told me they'll take care of it. I got a refill, n o 1/2 and 1/2 at napkin area, on my refill #722024 Erick poured 1/2 from under counter into a separate cup - I noticed as I pourd it into the coffee it was clumpy so I taste tested it - it was SOUR - I informed raul and asked if I could get another refill which he complied.

previously I reported complaint raul walked up to me (I was talking to my friend dennis and raul said I was too loud - so I walked to the server area and asked raul if it was be ause I laughed once too loud -he said no multiple times-I asked if a customer complained - he said yes,i asked if it was the guy I was talking to, he said no.

if it happens once more h's gonna ask me to leave, this is previous to the sour milk incident- I asked him to pls let me know iimmediately if someone complains,he said he was toobusy, yet I assume not to busy to listen too the complaints.i feel I an being discriminated against.i told him I have a thyroid condition that affects my voicebox.i also asked him if people were allowed to film in the store,he said no, I asked him if a lite is on a cellphone, does that mean they're filming, he said it was a flashlight. still I didn't understand what that means if they'e filiming on a cell phone, he said we know that, I said no, WE don't, that's why I was asking.

Reason of review: mgmt.

Monetary Loss: $666.

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You might need to stop going to this Starbucks as it sounds like they are tired of you.

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