I buy a coffee five days a week at the Midtown Plaza Starbucks in Saskatoon. Yesterday, I remarked to the clerk that a pattern had developed, "every morning at 8 a.m.

you have a line-up of people wanting bold coffee and you tell them you are out and just making some if they'd like to wait". I was polite and believe this feedback could help. I observed that they have a number of large, square carafes with spouts holding coffee that has already been made. They could make more bold coffee or making it sooner for the patterned rush and request at 8 a.m.

Instead I got "Have a nice day" in the tone that can only mean the opposite. Yes, I hope this remains the biggest problem I have that day, but on the other hand, I am giving them my money but don't get the coffee, or the service, they advertise.

I won't spend my money at Starbucks again. I work about 200 days a year, so for every customer that is turned off at Starbucks that's a lot of lost revenue.

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Go to Starbucks.com and tell them the issues you have. Thats why they have a complaint dept there.


Yes Starbucks does run out of coffee. Those urns only hold about 6 large cups of coffe at a time.

We only have one coffee brewer that can brew 2 coffees at a time and every 8 minutes we are brewing coffee. As hard as it is to understand we can't make it brew any faster or make the urns hold more coffee!

We can't put off making one of the coffees just in case we need more bold! Sorry but we do the best we can, and as much as you think you could do our job, I'd like to see you try!


If you minded your own business this would not have happened. Would you like for them to come to your place of work and tell you how to do your job. Also getting offended because they said have nice day when your drugged up mind thinks they meant the opposite.


i don't like coffee


The coffee urns you saw go in a rotation. They are all used.

Starbucks has four coffees to choose from so all those urns are being used. There not just sitting there empty. As for how much they hold they dont hold as much as you think and go out pretty fast. Also if you were thinking if every one is ordering bold why dont they just brew double bold and cut out a different one untill that pattern rush ends?

The problem with that is what happens when some one orders that coffee you decided not to brew. You would be back to square one.

Their trying there best to make everyone happy. When they tell you it will just be a small wait, the max wait would be five min and you would be getting the freshest cup possible.


What in the world is a "saskatoon" ? Did you drive through a magical tunnel to get there? I didn't know they had Starbucks in Loony Town.


They will not miss your business. Like you said, they can't even produce enough coffee for everyone in line, so they are doing just fine without you. You were very rude to the coffee pourer laborer, and he was very nice to you.

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