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The Starbucks in the Barnes and Noble at Johns Hopkins University Baltimore Maryland is ***. I feel sorry for the students who are trapped going there.

Most of the Starbucks at the college bookstores in Baltimore are lousy

The "baristas" are poorly trained, surly and do not seem like Starbucks employees. The coffee tastes watered down and they do not know how to make the drinks.

Sad for Starbucks, and sadder for people paying almost $5 for a drink that's poorly made or undrinkable or sickening due to finding hair in the drink.It's false advertising to say a place is a Starbucks and it's actually a cheap knock-off Barnes and Noble. Got my money back to employee sneers and called the Health Department!

Review about: Starbucks Iced Tea.

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Never an exscuse to serve lukewarm coffee or dirty & then charge 5.00-get off the plantation :cry p.s. I liked Review...but does it show?

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