Roseville, Minnesota

The baristas at my Ford Parkway Starbucks are great. But, Every time I go into a suburban Starbucks location whether in the Twin Cities or “on the road,” I am reminded how little respect Starbucks has for those of us in an urban setting.

The physical structure just pales in comparison. There has been plenty of real estate on the market to allow Starbucks to develop a much improved Ford Parkway store if they do not wish to remodel the current location. Time to “fish or cut bait.” Close this location or remodel.

This is a busy location and it’s customers deserve no less. While you are at it, do a true fix to the issues at another urban location—Snelling and Marshall.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Starbucks Pros: Gathering with friends.

Starbucks Cons: Poor physical setting.

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