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This Location Has No Respect For Seniors, The Elderly And The Disabled! Back on Friday, July 21st, 2017 at approximately 12:45 P.M., I went with my 86 year old mother, Mrs.

Helene Shore to the Starbucks location at: 1 Queen Street East #G5, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5C 2W5. Before we purchased anything, my mother needed to sit down since she is 86 Years Old and Uses A Walker and so I looked around the store to see what.tables and/or seats were available. At this particular Starbucks location, there were tables outside, but it was Way Too Hot For Her To Sit Out There, however, inside there were about four (4) tables which were all occupied by No More Than One (1) Person Per Table. I therefore went to at least one of the tables to ask if my Disabled Mother can sit down at her table since she was Occupying A Whole Table That Had Seats For Four (4) Persons and My Request Was Refused Stating That She Was Waiting For Other People Which I Knew Was A Big LIE!

I was very angry and offended that this Very Selfish Female Customer Refused To Offer My Mother One Of The Available Seats At Her Table since she was Not Waiting For Anybody and Just Wanted To Hog The Table All To Herself! I went immediately to the front of the store to Complain About The Very Rude and Selfish Customer about it and Your Female Employee told ME that there was Nothing That She Could Do About It (even though there were at least Three (3) Extra Seats Available And Free at that table. Not Only That, but the Other Tables all had Plenty Of Empty Seats In Them since there was ONLY one (1) person seated at each table and once again, Your Female Employee Refused To Even Offer My 86 Year Old Disabled Mother With Her Walker One Of The Other Seats Either as an Alternative! I did NOT know that Your Starbucks Seats are Reserved For Specific Customers?

Since When Can A Disabled Person Not Be Seated At A Starbucks Table that Has Available Seating! Disgusting, Filthy and Ridiculous! That Female Employee Of Yours Deserves To Be FIRED for this! No Excuses Shall Be Accepted On How She Just Treated One Of Her Starbucks Disabled Customers!

Shame On You For Your Disgusting, Unprofessional, Low Class Actions! Please Note: I did call up your customer service phone number today at approximately 12:50 P.M. to file a complaint about this Horrible Starbucks Experience and I was on the phone for about 20 Minutes and during the conversation I asked to speak to a supervisor and then I was put on hold. However, No Supervisor Ever Came To The Phone and while I was holding for such a long time I was also Disconnected as well and had to Start All Over Again!

When I called back again, I was transferred to a different Customer Relations Department and finally was able to File The Complaint From Start To Finish and was given this Case Number: #29220600. However, this does Not Relieve Me From The Stress, Aggravation and Humiliation and Embarrassment that my mother and I went through at that location and because my mother, Mrs. Helene Shore could Not Be Accommodated and Treated As A Proper Starbucks Customer By Giving Her A Proper Available Seat In The Starbucks Location, we Both Left The Store Without Making Our Purchase. I am very, very Angry, Upset, Pissed Off and Disgusted Over Your Female Employee's Behavior and will Not Be Returning Back To This Location, Ever!

In Addition: I am forwarding copies of My Negative, Detailed Review With Pictures That I Took To Show Exactly How Empty The Tables Actually Were In That Starbucks Location To All Of The Corporate Executives That Run Your Company Out In Seattle, Washington. Nobody (Including Disabled Persons) Deserves This Type Of Abuse And I Personally Will Not Accept It, Nor Tolerate It! Thank you.

Sincerely yours, Howard Paul Shore Angry And Upset Starbucks Corporation Customer On Behalf Of Mrs. Helene Shore, Your Customer /HPS

Product or Service Mentioned: Starbucks Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Your female employee refused my mother an available seat, Your female employee only cared about herself, Your female employee has no respect for elderly or the disabled, We left the store since my mother was not accommodated, How your female customer lied about not having an available seat.

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Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1353017

You can't be serious...but ok.

How do you know this customer was not waiting for others? Not nice to assume.

She was there before you, therefore, first come first served (ever heard of that? Yes, this is what it means). She, as a customer, has the right to sit at a table if she wants to, you should have gotten their earlier. First you say it was a customer then you said it was an employee, get your story straight.

Disabled individuals do not automatically get entitled to a seat of their choice, if that was the case, so should people with special needs, vision/hearing issues, PTS, etc. etc.

Everyone is important, not just your mother, so sick of self-entitled people such as yourself.

This has to be a complaint from someone who is trolling, for I truely cannot believe it is real!

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