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Around 4:35 today got my food at the Asian buffet in Harris Teeter walkover 2 Starbucks to get a cup of ice to sit down to eat my food..

The older male was dusting the Shelf came over to assist his coworker wash his hands with the towel drying his hands period. Use the towel to blow his nose throw it in the trash and proceeded to serve a cup of ice with the lid on it without washing his hands for the second time there are lots of germs that are spread fluids I *** the whole time eating my food now I have this in my mind... I used my thermal to transfer the ice ....

At first it was ice not food served but now that I think about it he still touched my cup the outside he touched the ice handle so he's still touched some things with the snotty paper towel that he just threw away after washing his hands to serve me.....

. I want my $11 back and for this experience to go away I feel sick now...

I use hand sanitizer... for my hands and also to wipe the table because they were a bit on the dirty... but he touched the cup ...

Blew his nose at the counter at Starbucks over by the deserts...

Never again never... what I don't see is one thing ....what I do see sets the stage in my mind forever subliminal messages... sounds now *** ***

I'm done stick a fork in me...

I'm going back to get my money tomorrow.... this is ridiculous I spoke with the manager of Harris Teeter Sean...

Should hav requested rite then..

Butt... they were having some police going on at the time.

never ever will I go back because he's putting his boogery snotty hands on everything he touches and there may be more of them like him.. Alien

And the food was not... I repeat... was not giving me my life I was just eating to hold me over...because i didn't eat lunch.

And had a 6:00 appointment

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Older Man Blowing His Nose
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