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My day could be going much better, thank you, except due to the Fact that I went to visit your 257 South La Cienega Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California 90211 (310) 659-9562 location and Received Very Abusive And Poor Service!

It started off so so and then got Worse!

Back on Wednesday, August 17, 2016 at approximately 6:30 P.M. I was a Legitimate, Paying Customer and bought at least Two (2) Products from that particular location.

While I was there, I asked one of the employees for assistance in applying my most recent receipt to the StarbucksForLife.com Game since it is new and I did Not Know How To Play It and she said that she did Not Know Much About The Game and said that she would eventually help me, but did NOT have any time to do so at that time.

I then contacted Your Toll Free Number For Customer Service and Got The Help That I Desired since Your Store Employee Was Just Not Qualified Enough And/Or Unwilling To Help Me.

While I was at your store enjoying My Two (2) Starbucks Items That I Had Purchased, I was Just Talking To One Of Your Female Employees about How Much I Like Starbucks and about Some Of The Wonderful Benefits that they Provide To Their Employees such as A Free Pound Of Coffee Once Per Week and for whatever reason, This Female Employee Went Behind My Back And Reported ME To Her Angry, Disgusting Manager Named IVAN About It and I Will Discuss This A Little Bit Later On In What Had Happened And In What He Said To Me!

Furthermore, at approximately 7:21 P.M. just as I was getting ready to leave the store, I asked One Of The Female Employees To Take A Picture Of Me In The Store since I Am A Very Loyal Fan And Customer To Starbucks and She Refused Stating That She Thinks That She Is Not Allowed To Do So In Which I Found To Be Quite Rude and Low Class To Say To Me.

She did ask her manager, IVAN if she could just Take My Picture and He Told Her No That She Can Not!

Then His Disgusting, Rude and Malicious Mistreatment and Verbal Abuse Comes Out Of Him Towards Me!

Please NOTE: IVAN Wrongfully Accused ME Of "Patronizing" Your Starbucks Employees And Harassing Them Based On What I Had Said Above And Threatens To Call The Police On ME!

Please NOTE: This Is The Worst and Most Disgusting Experience That I Have Ever Had At A Starbucks Location and I have NEVER Heard Of This Disgusting Garbage Coming From A Manager's Mouth Against Me In My Life At Starbucks!

Please NOTE: I said and did Nothing Illegal and You Have Hired Managers To Take Out Their Personal Problems Out On Customers And Call The Police On Them For Any Reason!

I am NEVER Going Back To This Starbucks Location Ever Again!

I personally will NOT Tolerate This Type Of Uneducated and Low Class Verbal Abuse And/Or Threats Coming From Any Starbucks Employee and Neither Should You; Especially For Doing Nothing Wrong And/Or Nothing Illegal, Period!

Howard Paul Shore

Angry And Upset Starbucks Corporation Customer


Product or Service Mentioned: Starbucks Customer Care.

Reason of review: received abusive verbal, disgusting treatment coming from IVAN!.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Lack of help for the starbucksforlife game, Female employee snitched on me to her manager ivan, Ivan wrongfully accuses me of patronizing his employee, Ivan wrongfully accuses me of harassing his employee, Ivan threatens to call the police on me for invalid reasons.

  • liar
  • humiliating
  • Threatened Me
  • Wrongfully Accused Me
  • Took Out Personal Problems On Me
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Muncie, Indiana, United States #1233400

Employees at that location: THANK GOD! Actually, probably every store in the world thinks that.

And your family. And, really, humans.


You've identified yourself (on facebook) as a consumer advocate and problem solver, so... solve it.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1214673

you sound like your trolling.

Leeds, Alabama, United States #1214620

instant coffee is cheaper and quicker

Los Angeles, California, United States #1206814

Wow who ever taught you that proper sentence structure is to capitalize EVERY word in a sentence??? This Is Not The Way To Write Out A Sentence!!!

Weird and makes me wonder about the actual story this person stated...

For starters NO one is that much of a Starbucks fan, if you truly were you'd know all about the games and benefits that customers get, NOT what employee's get. I am guessing that the time you spent there probably was annoying and distracting from all the other customers not to mention the employee's who were probably busy trying to fulfill all the other customers' order not spend time jabber jawing with you about whatever you wanted to.

Albany, Oregon, United States #1206455

Oh wow, that sounds really bizarre and terrible. There shouldn't be a problem with taking a customer's photo!

Sorry all this happened to you.

Although I will say, in regards to the lack of help with the Starbucks for Life thing...partners are given zero information about it or how it works or anything. We're supposed to piece together the inner workings of it from what customer's tell us. A lot of us don't have the app and we are not allowed to participate in Starbucks for Life ourselves this year.

They send us a bulletin basically saying when it is starting and to tell people that it is going on and that's about all we get. However, the partner should have directed you to call the customer service number (which it sounds like you had to figure out yourself) to get the help you were looking for.


I am 100% certain that there is a LOT more to this sorry tale. Please share it with us.

This is just not believable.

Essex, England, United Kingdom #1200572

Managers don't the threaten customers with the police for "no reason". Truth is, managers loathe having to call the police on a customer as it creates drama and does not look good to other patrons.

OBVIOUSLY, there is more to this story. LMAO! I just found you on facebook. You identify your profession as: Executive writer, Reviewer, Consumer Rights Advocate and Problem Solver at: PissedConsumer, Yelp, RipoffReport, Consumer Affairs and Travel Advisor.


Thanks for the laugh. I think I have to agree with h.kitchner.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1200567

Sounds like they let you out of the asylum too soon.

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