It is illegal not to accept the currency of the country. I know this is your policy but it is wrong.

If I was buying a $3-$5 item then I could understand the problem when presenting a $100 bill (it would still be illegal to refuse) but a little more understandable on my part. This was to be a birthday present for my

daughter-in-law who by the way loves Starbucks but since this problem I

believe she has switched. Too bad (big customer)

Most companies have machines to detect counterfeit bills. Statistics show

there are more $20 phonies than any other bill.

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well i found it odd to be checked on the 1s and 5s. What happened to magic marker I said.

they looked at me oddly repling Marker? Mame what are you talking about. I explaned what they were an guess they got tossed out with the shrinky ***.

With the marker it prob cut waiting lines down 30 mln or so if your gonna be eyeballing every single dollar bill plus spending 93 seconds holding it up to the light. so the 100 dont surprise me at all

Irvine, California, United States #914454

I went to Starbucks on Jeffrey and Alton in Irvine California. Ordered a mocha coffee, gave them a $ 100 Bill.

They refused to accept the100 Bill and the manager very rudely told me to get change from Ralph super market next door. What an *** hole!


They can reject a $100 bill as they please, since the average orders are between 2 and 7 dollars each, they don't have larger bills to provide change. It's not illegal to say "I don't have enough change in my till to provide you the difference" because that's all they were doing.

Having worked at Starbucks myself, we encountered this on a daily basis. Not trying to inconvenience you or anything, but it would be more of a hassle to explain to the next customers that the only cash they have in the till is a $100 bill....

to eriness #1418088

what if you order 100 coffies haha i wanna try that 1 day ask if tthey take 100 bill b4 placing order. Then pay in change {coin} WHY NOT ITS STILL AMERICAN CURRENCY !


My store in MD is not allowed to accept 100's because they fill up our drawer too quickly (we have a maximum amount) and my manager then has to pull & count the drawer, which is time-consuming and renders the drawer inactive

Palo Alto, California, United States #266584

Simply because it is legal tender does not mean it has to be accepted. It is the policy for many places not to accept $100 bills. There are several reasons for this.

Yes there are many counterfeit $20s. however as a business when the bank confiscates that counterfeit $20, it is easier to swallow that loss.

Changing Large bills drains the float. Most places for the sake of loss prevention keep their drawer float lean. Usually around $200. Breaking a large bill uses up a larger percentage of the change making transactions more difficult for future customers.


It is not policy to reject any form of currency. However it is possible the partner did not have enough change for your large bill.

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