Brunswick, Ohio
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Yesterday, I was crossing the street in a crosswalk when a Red minivan drove into my pathway. She was in a hurry to get her Starbucks Coffee.

She said she didn't see me. She pulled into the Starbucks drive-thru to get her cup of Jo. i had to jump back so I would not get hit again. The woman driving the Red Ford Minivan drove up to the drive thru window to get her order.

I took her picture of her minivan and her license plate. I wasn't in her personal space when I took her picture of her vehicle w/ her license plate. She screamed at me. I left the area to purchase a Thank you card from the Hallmark store in the same plaza.

When, I was leave the store a Medina Ohio police car was following me. I stop and ask the policeman in his SUV was he looking for me. He said yes. The woman went into the Starbuck to use their to call the cops onme.

The manager said they had a right to allow the customer to use the phone to call the cops. The blond woman nearly hit other way to get her cup of Starbucks coffee. The manager's name is Rachael . I told her my story.

She said I was harassing her. I said Is Starbucks coffee worth a human life? Apparently it is . She never got Blond's name and did nothing to be able to identify the woman .

The policeman has a badge # 27 and is a member of SWAT. Yet she asked me my name. I gave it. She said she was not involved the incident.

She put her store in the middle of the controversy by allowing the woman to use the store phone. Who doesn't have a cell phone?

The woman did not want use her phone because they would have probably found she was texting while driving. Which is illegal in the State of Ohio.

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This story makes no sense.


Is starbucks coffee worth a non-related consumer complaint on pissed consumer?

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