The time is !0am on 11/20/12. I place my order for two drinks.

I present the server with a $50 bill. She informs me it is company policy not to accept any bill larger than a $20. I am with my daughter who has no pocketbook on her and I don't use credit cards. She say they have taken too may bad bills.

I feel that for a major retailer such as Starbucks to make such a claim is truly incredible. When I left I had a bad taste over the unnecessary decline of my cash. There are pens to identify and visual markings on the bills themselves.

Why are you being so difficult?

Monetary Loss: $8.

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #762484

working in the service industry for 4 years i can tell you not many fast food and coffee places take bills over 20. Not because they dont want to drain there registers, its because its a security risk.

We've had meeting after meeting telling us that if we take a bill over 20 too many times its our head on the block since its a major security risk, even had a cop explain it to us. dont take it personal its just safety.


I think that is *** a friend of mine just posted something similar on her facebook. I don't use cards only cash, so I guess I won't be buying large amounts of giftcards there.

Annandale, Virginia, United States #705751

Starbucks baristas actually can't break a 50. We can't give out 20s as change, so all we have are 1, 5s, and rarely ever 10s. *** you for trying to break a 50.

to Anonymous Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #822942

A $50.00 bill is legal tender. *** you anonymous for your crappy attitude. Bring a valid $50.00 bill into my place of business and it will be gladly accepted.

to Duzntsukcorporate*** #1529158

If you were located in Englewood, Ohio I would! I recently went to Starbucks in Englewood, Ohio ordered food and drinks.

I only had a $50 bill on me. I was told they could not accept it. The female worker stated it was policy. I asked if it is visible.

She stated the policy is list on the menu. Nothing posted by the drive thru window that they do not accept large bills. I was taking my 18 year old to work and she paid the bill. Her coffee sucked and i have no intention of every spending my money for a coffee there again.

Did not have time to return her coffee. Starbucks is officially dead to me!



You were paying for coffee with a $50 dollar bill?

And you think you are right?

OMG :(

to Anonymous Rocklin, California, United States #617576

He is right... it's the service industry silly...

SBUX stores average 20k a week...

San Antonio, Texas, United States #604516

so much of star "bucks" hehe I would have ordered extra items and then said oops all I have is a 50...I'll go and get some change and be back and never return...that'll teach em! I don't believe the bull about draining the register..what business doesn't have change for a 50?

starbucks is all about a rush in rush out and cash is too much trouble since their employees aren't capable of counting change. If it wasn't for the register telling what to give back to the customers those fools wouldn't have a clue how to make change.

to starbuckssux #748382

It can be a potential safety and cash handling hazard to keep large quantities of cash in individual registers. Most Starbucks purchases are paid for in small bills, credit cards, or the increasingly popular gift card option.

When the register has a single ten dollar bill, and then a small stack of fives and ones, it can really put a dent in it to break a $50. And intentionally treating workers in food service horribly isn't helping the problem, you're only giving them more reason to act cold to customers.

Don't be a ***, just keep more than a $50 bill on you and make the transaction easy for everyone. :roll

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #604488

Actually, it is commonplace for major chains to not accept bills over $20, especially for such small purchases as it drains their cash registers. You should have just broke the $50 elsewhere and went back.


It is by store and area but being a barista myself I can tell you at my store we always ask but it's because a 50 drains our draw of change fairly quickly. We accept them but its a pain we're not a bank nor do we stock change like one


It seems like a rather trivial thing for you to be so devastated over. Go somewhere, break the bill, come back. Use a credit or debit card. Go somewhere else that will honor your $50. Honestly I'd feel weird paying with a big bill for a small purchase like coffee unless I was buying a very large amount.

"to make such a claim is truly incredible!"

"When I left I had a bad taste over the unnecessary decline of my cash"

It sounds like you're being dramatic. I'm also going to say that I'm probably not the only one who thinks that as most people didn't rate your post as "useful" but instead clicked "***".

Calgary, Alberta, Canada #593445

Store refused to take 50.00 bill because they had no change. The store was extremely busy at 4:00pm and at least 10 people in line.

So given the volume I have a hard time believing this as a reason. Staff asked if I had smaller bill which I didn't and said I had to use a card- all ridiculous.

Should have asked people in line up if they had change or spoken to manager. Not going back!

Kirkland, Washington, United States #586552

This is absolutely untrue. Policy is always say yes! Granted some stores, like mine as well, are small & may not have access to the banks as often as some but you must always accept any form of payment!

to Anonymous #798447

You are misinformed. "Just say yes" does not apply to the breaking of large bills.

We had a sign on our registers explaining this policy. We are not a bank or a currency exchange. When people go to the bank (which is where they get those 50's and 100's) they can ask for smaller bills there, rather than expecting Starbucks--or any business-- to provide them with pocket change.

It never ceases to amaze me how uppity Starbucks customers can get about this issue. For security reasons, lots of businesses limit the amount of small bills they keep on hand.

I tried to use a $20 (a $20, mind you--not even a $50 or $100 bill) at a 7-11 the other day for a purchase and was asked for a smaller bill because the register didn't have a lot of change.

I didn't throw a hissy fit. I used a debit card.

Evans, Georgia, United States #585208

Just wanted to say that I work at a Starbucks in GA. Maybe the situation is different where you are, but in my store we aren't allowed to accept anything larger than a $20 bill because we're a smaller store in a smaller town and rarely ever have enough change for large bills. I heard from a coworker who worked in NY that her former store accepted $50 and $100, but only because they were a higher volume store and were easily able to make change for such amounts.

I agree that the barista you dealt with had a pretty lousy excuse. When I worked at Spencer's in the mall, we had pens to check large bills, and those are inexpensive. She probably didn't know what she was talking about and couldn't accept large bills for the same reason my store cannot.

In any case, I just wanted to give you another explanation as to why you couldn't pay with a $50 bill. I realize it's an inconvenience, but it's to make sure you won't be short-changed.

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