Panic when your daughter's flight is cancelled at 6PM out of BWI airport and she has to reschedule for 2:30 - it's 1:30 when she tells you -- so Mother's Day lunch is cancelled and I have to RUSH to pick her and hubby up to get to airport!!!

My throat is sore. So I go to the drive thru Starbucks on the way on Route 175 near Fort Meade.

I order a tall hot green tea in a grande cup. He hands it to me and I realize YES its HOT as *** So I ask him to add some cold water to fill it up. Drive off, take a sip and BURN THE *** out of my tongue!! I was so pissed I threw the cup out the window (still in their drive thru).

Drive back around and yell at the guy. He remakes one and says he'll add some ice. I get to the window and open the lid, take a sip and it's ICE COLD!!!! So much ice MORONS!!!!!!

SO NOW ITS ICE TEA NO ICE WATER!!!!!!!!! I'm so pissed because he's wasted 15 minutes I did not have time and demanded a refund. Get the kids to the airport and again make sure I go back to that Starbucks -- even tho out of my way home - and ask for the Manager (Mother's Day 5-13-18 about 3:30 PM) and the manager only says Oh I'm sorry and I just sped off -- what a bunch of incompetent idiots and the manager is a stupid moron!!! He should have not just apologized but gave me several free drinks for my having to #1 burn my tongue, NOT GET MY HOT TEA for my throat & BE LATE GETTING TO AIRPORT!!!

THEN #2 DRIVE BACK TO THE INCOMPETENT IDIOTS TO TELL THE MANAGER WHO COULD CARE LESS!!! I pretty much hate Starbucks but I am loyal to the one in the Target on Cherry Hill Road in Silver Spring because I love the staff!!

My drink of choice of late is Vanilla Latte with Almond milk but the milk keeps curdling and its gross looking!! I have no idea why it does this more often than not.

Product or Service Mentioned: Starbucks Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Orders hot tea. Gets mad it’s hot.

Geez you want free drinks because you didn’t let it cool down? America.

to Anonymous #1596476

you're a dip *** == I go to starbucks practically every day -- going through the drive in, you don't expect the cup to be so hot you can barely hold it and your tongue to get burned. Thanks for having even a little bit of sympathy that a GRANDMOTHER 56 years old who is SICK on Mother's Day and rushing around to help her family (all the time) or friend (s) and YES the idiots at the 175 Severn / Hanover location are ALL a bunch of incompetents!! Go crawl back in your hole underneath that rock


It’s not the fault of a business or employee that you lack the time-management skills to adapt to a change in schedule. Actually, nobody in the world really cares about your Mother’s Day plans with your spawn, so it’s kind of honestly irrelevant to bring up.

The business made several attempts to placate you, but you seem like the type of person who is either determined to have a bad day, or too stupid to figure out how to drink hot tea without a sippy cup. Your poor family, I hope your kid turned out better than you did


So you ordered HOT TEA and get mad when you received HOT TEA. Yes I agree it’s a shame you reproduced.

Poor guy did exactly what you asked them to do and they STILL get abused by someone who couldn’t remember they ordered HOT TEA just moments before. I’m betting all that LSD from the 60’s is starting to cause you issues.


Your personal problems with travel plans and a cancelled lunch has nothing to do with Starbucks!


You should have been told to leave the premises immediately, or the police would be called. You should be banned from the store! Normal people do not behave in the manner you described.


Please don't reproduce anymore!

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