Horrible experience. Bought a blueberry muffin at a Starbucks inside of Target in Aliso Viejo Ca and discover few pieces of hair inside.

Complained and got a coupon for a free beverage. Not good enough to demonstrate the problem will be resolved.

Beside the hair, they did not have any food on display. According to the server who apologized these muffins are frozen and not baked in the location.

Sanitation? None. They all should wear hairnets when dealing with food.

There is the first time I ever found hsir in my food. Disgusting ......I am very disappointed with this coffee shop and will never go there again....

Review about: Starbucks Coffee.

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I mean was it baked into the muffin on on top of the muffin? I'm not excusing the hair, but if it was inside the muffin, that's how it came from the warehouse, the baristas are in no way responsible for it, there's nothing they can do to address the problem at its root or assure you the problem will be resolved.

All Starbucks receive pastries frozen from the warehouse, they're never baked on location. They did all they are able to do for you.

Gary, Indiana, United States #845877

MMMMM...Hair....I like hair on my pie....


You just never noticed it before. The average person eats 8 lbs of hair a year. It's even worse in 3rd world countries.

to Ricochet-Rabbit #842958

STFU with your *** statistic.

to Nope #843107

I can understand why you're upset, but you need to realize the truth isn't always easy to accept.

to Ricochet-Rabbit #1215896

The average person who lives to be approximately 77, will have consumed around 40 lbs of hair.... your statistic is way off.

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