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I went to the Starbucks shop inside Macys (111 N. State St.

CHICAGO) to ask for a cup of water. I was very thirsty felt hot and tired after walking through the store making purchases and carrying large Macy's bags, also wearing a small back pack. I approached the Starbucks counter and asked if I could get a cup of water. The female Starbucks counter person ( female, name tag began with J) promptly told me I could not get water without a purchase.

I responsed I had never heard of a Starbucks requiring a purchase before allowing a person water. In summary, another male Starbucks worker ( name tag began with a T) interviened and stated that what the other worker told me is correct. I was told Starbucks in Macys is licensed to Macys ( therefore operates per Macy's descretion as informed later by Starbucks phone customer service rep.

with futher explanation ). Another worker at Starbucks ( Macy's wearing a black colored top with a small starbucks emblem ( no name tag) directed me to a food area several feet east of the Starbucks where I could go and get water.

I walked over to that food area after I informed Starbucks workers I would report their refusal to give me water ( while carrying my bags of new Macys purchases, thirsty, hot, tired)

While walking away from the Starbucks I looked back to see the initial two workers appearing humored with smiles and unfazed).

I was able to get a small mostly iced cup of water from a worker at the food area mentioned. The water was refreshing, not enough water though, I dared not ask for more.

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Macy's should give out a coupon for a free drink of water from their Starbucks, with every purchase made. Macy's portrays themselves as being a high class sto, but they showed how low lass that they really are by the way that they treated you. They owe you a sincere apology.

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