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I want to thank Starbucks for letting the public know that we can now hang out at a Starbucks store and buy nothing. I always thought when I went to a place of business I should buy something.

I was wrong. I always thought Starbucks was in business to make money. I guess not. Welcome all who want to just hang out.

You are ”WELCOME NOW”. No purchase necessary! No manager will ask you to leave, if they want to keep their job! I want to thank you again for letting the public know Starbucks is an open place like a public library.

You can take your book and hang out as long as you would like and not purchase anything. A “FREE SPACE”. I will say though, if I come into a Starbucks and purchase a coffee and I have nowhere to sit and enjoy my coffee, I will be upset.

Because you see I am a paying customer. I guess Starbucks has forgotten about use.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I would never sit in any business and not buy anything either, it is also rude to be taking up space for paying customers.


I would never sit in a business without buying something.

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