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January 28, 2018 Went to buy some espresso coffee and a latte coffee. There was no espresso coffee, just espresso bold.

My coffee was made with the espresso bold, this was a terrible coffee it left a sandy taste in my mouth. I enjoy my espresso because there is less caffeine in it and has a nice cremo taste to it, this new espresso does not have any of the up. you are drinking just coffee . What is going on with Starbucks.

may have buy my coffee else where. to bad been going for over 20 years.

In the last 7 years I have been seeing a down fall with starbucks, not the staff are always very helpful. Please not what you are doing

Product or Service Mentioned: Starbucks Coffee.

Reason of review: poor product in coffee .

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Starbucks Campbell, ca. First & CAMPBELL AVE.

Your new managers Kiyou & Tina are disrespectful and bossy.

For years I have put the correct money, with barcode attached, on the counter and said "for the paper, keep the change" and then got the Sunday paper from the rack and went to a table.

Your new managers, one, one Sunday, and the other the next Sunday, picked up my money and brought it back and told me that if I want a paper, I must stand in the coffee line and wait my turn.

Theses two so-called managers, left a long line of customer to come over to me and reprimand me. Kiyou called the police on me because I wouldn't stand on line. Of course, they didn't come.

Kiyou told me I was no longer allowed in the store.

For years I have been buying the Sunday paper as I did those Sundays without any trouble. Time to teach your employees that "the customer is always right" and that as a business open to the general public, they cannot refuse any customers.

PS: I wrote to Starbucks Corp., Gilroy, CA on Tuesday, Today is Saturday, I will be going to Starbucks again tomorrow.

I wonder whether the treatment will have improved. PS: Later on every Sunday, I usually buy coffee, at which time I, of course, stand on line and wait my turn.

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