Bakersfield, California

We have complained to Starbucks corporate twice about their venti sized drinks at the Bakersfield, California locations being filled only to within 1-1/2 inches below the top of the cup. Because the upper level contains the most volume, there is at least 2 to three ounces short.

At 25 cents per ounce, that is a lot of product. I'm sure they do this on all their drinks. No one probably pulls the tops to look, but we were unhappy enough to complain. Starbucks just fills the space with whipped cream.

Even asking for no whipped cream, it still happens the same.

Corporate always apologizes and says this is not policy, but someone needs to clamp down on them. I have attached a photo of my drink purchased this morning at the 24th Street location before I touched it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Starbucks Coffee.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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You two fools leaving comments below me must work for Starbucks. This company (Starbucks) has been ripping people off since it opened.

Why keep complaining when it's obviously intentional. STOP GOING TO "SCAMBUCKS" and put these fools out of biz.


that was my comment and no, I don't work for Starbucks, I just have common sense.


"no one probably pulls the tops to look" No, you're not some exotic genius for taking the top off to make sure they filled your drink. Infinitely likelier that people pull the tops, add their preferred fixins, and don't give a *** that the cup wasn't filled to the brim because they don't psychotically think the entire world is out to make $.25 cents per cup off them.

By the way, obviously this is an old review but I just went to the 24th St.

one last Friday and guess what, I actually did pull the lid off mine to let it cool (another reason you don't want to fill them to the brim, it's nearly boiling water sloshing around in a cup with *** at the top where it could easily fly out). It was definitely as full as you can get it.

I noticed no gap. So much for some big corporate conspiracy to rip us all off.

Sorry to judge and stereotype you but you're probably one of the reasons they had to install a sign at the end of the drive-through reminding people it's state law to let pedestrians cross and not run them over or intimidate them in your coffee-guzzling mania.


Next time you want to write a complaint about the cup not being filled to the top, don't use a picture of a cup with an obvious rim of coffee around the top of the cup.

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