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I've had several bad experiences lately but here's my latest. All seem to be coming from the new location at 66th street and Amsterdam in Manhattan.

Maybe they just aren't experienced.

I always order same drink all over Manhattan. Tall iced coffee in a grande cup, fill the extra space with coconut milk.

Well this particular barista handed me a tall cup, so I said sorry, I wanted this in a grande cup. He dumps the coffee into a grande cup and adds more milk to it. I try to explain that's not how I like it.

The reason I order a tall in a grande is I want the full tall coffee, with the milk in the extra space. He doesn't get it. He accuses me of asking for free coffee. I said I didn't ask for MORE coffee.

I wanted the "room" to be filled with milk. Not half the tall cup with milk and then more milk!! He still isn't getting it, and then points to the middle line halfway down the tall cup and says "this is all I would fill a cup with coffee to anyway". Really?

Ok, the worst part is he's LOUDLY arguing with me and everyone is staring. I back down and just take the drink which tastes like a cup of coconut milk he put so much. Total jerky attitude.

Ive had several bad Starbucks experiences this summer. Such a bummer.

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