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Why should I respect the millennials employees at the Gaston @Haskell store in Dallas? They are nothing but non-caring souls who can't even show any enthusiasm or cooperation to a Senior citizen that has been doing charity with the homeless for 19 years..8 years as an official 501 (c)(3) non-profit.

The fact is this store use to donate their leftover food to various non-profits, However, IF these non-profits don't pick up this food on a timely and dependable basis sometimes the whole system falls apart. Evidently that is what has happened at this store So, I requested this leftover food from them over two weeks ago (once a week on Thursday evening for distribution to the homeless on Friday morning) only to be met with childish non-action. I spoke to the manager, Cody, twice on this issue, sent him three emails and left him some impressive info on my charity cause, In return I got ZERO email reply from him even though he told me that he answers all his emails. Just a lie.

Anyway it's really sad when these young employees show so little interest in stepping up to the plate like mature adults and trying to make a charity effort a success. I am not the least impressed with the young people working at this store. Very selfish and self-serving.

And as I sit here at this store typing this letter a big bag of leftover food just went out the door to the dumpster. So sick!

Product or Service Mentioned: Starbucks Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I guess the OP must not have to work for a living. You tend to find that these social justice warriors are either unemployed or have never had to actually work for a living.

So by the OP logic those millennial employees should put their job at risk to feed the homeless because THEY SAY SO!!! Obviously someone who has NEVER had to follow the instructions of their employer or lose their job. Please OP tell us all why YOU feel not only the need to bash a specific store and the employees but the NEED to see someone else lose their job all to satisfy YOUR desires? Here’s a thought, how about instead of scrounging for discarded food you could give up the food you would put in YOUR BELLY!!

You know instead of blaming a innocent party YOU could give up a weeks worth of food. Then maybe you would get a sense of what you will be putting the employees through as they and their families will not be able to buy food and potentially become one of the homeless YOU are using to justify your argument and actions.

I’m guessing you really don’t care about the homeless because YOU are attempting to cause MORE homelessness all because YOU CHOSE to dismiss the corporate route. The employee DO NOT have the power to do what you want and YOU PERSONALLY should be held responsible if a employee losses their job because of YOUR POST.


Dear OP,The baristas do not have any say in giving out items to the homeless or Seniors alike, rather, it is a corporate decision that, if disobeyed, can get store employees in trouble.Please try to understand that most workers are just as disgusted as you that this food goes to waste. Turn your frustration from the employees who are working hard to support themselves, to corporate who makes these decisions.



The grocery store I work at tried this, but a homeless person complained that he got food poisoning, and he threatened to sue the company.

Do you want this to happen when you feed the homeless?



Donating leftover food could be a Corporate decision, not a store level decision.

So it would be best to send a letter to their Corporate Headquarters.

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