I recently experienced buying a piece of pumpkin loaf at the El Cajun, CA Starbucks. I have been getting coffee and pastries at Starbucks for years, so I was shocked when I broke part of my front tooth on a piece of pumpkin bread. I was even more shocked to discover that I had broken my front tooth on a rock in the bread! I contacted Starbucks through email and wrote the following:

"I am not sure who to address this issue with. My girlfriend and I stopped at the El Cajon Starbucks store before we were moving on Friday 3/25/11, and ordered two coffees and a piece of pumpkin bread. I have been a customer for years and have never had a single issue with the pastries or food I have purchased at any Starbucks location. I took a *** out of the piece of bread and felt my tooth crunch down on something hard. At first I thought it was the grain of the bread, but was horrified to find it was a piece of rock! I have saved the bread and the several small bits of rocks that I bit down on and discovered in the bread. I chipped my tooth and have not approached the store about this matter. I felt it was too serious to treat at the local level. I am not sure it was baked into the bread or in the bag and pressed into the bread; however this should never have happened! I decided to address this issue directly with Starbucks and have not consulted an attorney or contacted the media. I have been a loyal customer for years and years. Please let me know how you would like to handle this matter. Brent B"

I was contacted by Strarbucks and shipped the piece of bread back for review. Several weeks passed and I received a phone message from the same Starbucks rep. He was very chipper on the phone when he told me how thankful Starbucks was for me sending the piece back and how sorry they were about my tooth. They wanted to pay a portion of my dentist bill because they had identified that this was an issue that had happened when baking the bread. Apparently I was not the only one this happened to. They said because of this issue, they wanted to send me a $20 Starbucks card. I guess a broken tooth is only worth $20 and a partial dental payment. This could have easily been a lawsuit! Just be warned that there seem to be some issues with the Starbucks pastries. Not sure where they are buying them from or if they are baking the pastries themselves!

Product or Service Mentioned: Starbucks Coffee.

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Dirt, rocks, sand etc. have been in Starbucks pumpkin bread since they began selling it. I had many broken tooth close calls personally. Other people have mentioned it too, but people are so naive & trusting of Starbucks (myself included) that the company always gets the benefit if the doubt. People experience biting down on something hard and assume its a nut or pumpkin seed!! Not so!

It's very scary to imagine how sand, dirt, or small rocks are bring cooked into the bread! What ELSE is in there??!! The public needs to be EDUCATED. Tell them in a big way " hey guys! Beware! It's NOT seeds or nuts!!"

It's highly disappointing that a huge chain that promotes themselves as such a positive impact company - has continued to knowingly be so deceitful for such a long time. They make a bajillion dollars off this darn bread due to its intense popularity with unsuspecting loyal customers... Boooo on them. Shame on the extreme greed & health endangerment!

Get the word out. It's almost impossible to find any web links on this issue. Help! Get it on Googles first search page!!


File a civil suit, similar to what they do on Judge Judy, etc for cost reimbursement for both vendor & Starbucks, as well as, court fess.


happened to my wife , bit into egg/sausage and chhese broke her tooth on something in the sandwich customer srvice has refered me to the vendors WTF they sold it to and are refering me to the vendor amazing ,,,not sure what to do ...

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