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Dear Star Bucks:

Research shows that more then 5million people around the world drink coffee. Step it up a notch and add Healthy coffee to your menu. Give your coffee drinkers a taste of whats to come; by offering them a more healthy approach to coffee by Starbucks. No caffeine. No gritters. Just healthy great tasting coffee. Personal complaints from customer that don't like the side affects that it give them but they enjoy the rich taste starbucks coffee has.

Go To: to find out more!

A little bit about our coffee. No caffeine. No gitters. Offers healthy components and vitality and increases memory. As Well as lowers risk of cancer and HIV. You feel great and healthy after one cup! Guaranteed!

Monetary Loss: $250.

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It's a coffee shop!!!! Really?

Why don't they just open up a soda pop shop instead! I go there for, guess what, the coffee.


What you just described is decaf. Brilliant.


That would be called a cup of "why bother?"


Uh, yeah.. First off, it's the EFFECTS, with an E.

Second, it's JITTERS, with a J. THIRD, you dolt, I highly doubt your *** coffee prevents HIV; unless you plan on having "safer sex" with it.


"Most people" actually enjoy the effect of coffee, you know, the caffeine high....that's kind of the point. And they do offer decaffeinated variations of their coffees, just ask.


Why don't you open up a coffee shop and sell any coffee you like. Then I can come on a site thats intended for serious consumer issues, and whine that you don't sell the coffee I like?

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