Came in and ordered a mocha and sandwich, paid for it and when I got the sandwich the egg was actually still frozen in the middle, calmly I asked that it be warmed up. The manager told me to throw it away not realizing it was the last bacon sandwich.

So I wait for eleven minutes and ask him where the sandwich is, he points at another mans sandwich and says its right there.

I said no thats a ham that belongs to that man, then he rolls his eyes and yells at his coworker to whip another sandwich together, then she tells him that was the last bacon sandwich. He hands me the drink with no whipped cream so I kindly asked if he could put some on it and he said well did you order whipped cream, I said no but Im asking now, then he yells over at the girl "hey she forget to order the whipped cream put it on her drink." I continue to the register to get a refund for the sandwich, and his associate was profusely apologizing but her *** manager never did.

Review about: Starbucks Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Tukwila, Washington, United States #699562

Are you looKing for sympathy posting this multiple times? Funny how your story changes each time you tell it too......


You posted this story twice

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