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Starbucks now hires the most incompetent employees they can find.

Baristas make you repeat the order several times. Often the staff is on phones or engaged in personal conversations rather than serving customers.

The employees don’t care how long the line to place an order is or how long you have waited for your coffee. Several times when I have checked on my order it had not even been started. I have had many orders not filled properly.

Not that long ago the above was the exception. Now it is the norm.

Starbucks has lost any reasonable sense of appropriate business practices.

In spite of their “Code of Conduct” vagrants sleep in the store, cause disturbances, steal, destroy restrooms and beg for money. The corporation is so afraid of bad publicity that they allow this to happen.

Seating is another issue that they refuse to deal with. Those who bought coffee and want to sit and enjoy it often cannot because of the vagrants but also because people sit there for hours using power and internet spending $0.00. Then these people complain when the power outlets are turned off.

I have seen what are successful business people hold meeting in the store without any purchase whatsoever.

Starbucks has to return to putting their actual customers first.

Sadly, I am not hopeful that will happen. I am now a former recovering Starbucks customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Starbucks Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Starbucks Cons: Incompetent employees & vagrants.

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When are they gonna come out with a chain of "Starbucks" brand no-tell crap motels. They would always have plenty of vagrancies there.


My Goodness! You Don't Say!


This review is SPOT on....and now for customers, they have removed the newspapers. I spent on average $5-$7 a day......NO MORE....everything is GEARED towards the NON PAYING lifeforms that frequent these stores. And, the help is TERRIBLE

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